Prague, Czech Republic / October 24, 2019 - Virtual Training s.r.o., whose main product is the Rouvy application simulating real outdoor cycling rides indoors, is pleased to announce that it has become the general partner of the junior cycling UCI team under the new name, “Rouvy Specialized Cycling Team.” Rouvy and the team signed a three-year cooperation.


The intention of cooperation and the joint program


Both units see many advantages in their cooperation. Petr Samek, co-owner of Rouvy, mentioned several reasons that led the company to support the cycling team. “Our goal is to support the team in its race ambitions, but that is also the business idea. We want to make Rouvy visible at the biggest cycling events in the Czech Republic and abroad. Rouvy is a Czech product, which is paradoxically known mainly in the USA and Western European countries. Therefore, it is great for us to join the Czech team, which is also a UCI MTB team and participates in the biggest Czech and world races. With the help of the team, Rouvy can get more into the awareness of cyclists in the Czech Republic and the world. We plan to present the Rouvy application at several team events, such as the World Cup in Albstadt or the World Cup races in Nové Město na Moravě.” According to Petr Samek, the company has other intentions as to how to cooperate with the cycling team utilization. ”Rouvy offers its users so-called Group Rides, regular online rides with Rouvy ambassadors or its partners. They set the pace and motivate participants to quality performance. Team members will now turn into our ambassadors, with whom our users will be able to train regularly throughout the winter. We will also organize two training camps connected with the team. These cycling hubs will be primarily for Rouvy users, who will be able to train on the campsite routes directly in the app during the winter. They will prepare for the upcoming spring and summer camp along with the team, in attractive Italian destinations in Tuscany and Livigno.”