YURIY RYASHKO - 18.09.2019
Vimperk, Czech Republic / September 18, 2019 – Rouvy changes indoor cycling experience with its new app for Mac and Apple TV based on Augmented Routes (AR) - its advanced mixed-reality technology.

Rouvy is a complete and highly featured indoor cycling software for cyclists and triathletes. The unique platform, with over 3,000 geolocated videos, ensures precise simulation of routes and races, be it UCI events or even the Tour de France, by using advanced algorithms and mixed-reality technology. Rouvy’s Augmented Routes combine high-quality, geo-synced video footage with animated 3D riders, for the most realistic road-feel and experience.

“Rouvy has a tradition of releasing something exclusive each year, because our passion for cycling has always been our inspiration for creating great things. We are excited to bring our product to Mac and Apple TV users today,” says Petr Samek, one of Rouvy’s founders and CEO. “But moreover, they can now benefit from the brand new features: unlimited virtual or real-ride partners, new design and intuitive UI, user-friendly "one-click" concept, “4K-ready” video quality and new avatars with a custom-fit look. The part of the release that benefits existing customers as well, includes 5 new AR routes and 30 standard video routes from the UK, with improved Full-HD video quality.”

Following the recent acquisition of UK-based CycleRecon, Rouvy has released the first part of their processed video assets: Stages 1 and 2 from Tour de France 2014, such famous UK Classic Sportives as WoolerWheel, Welsh Wild West and Etape du Dales from 2015, Cote de Holme Moss and more.

Samek continues, “Rouvy is changing the indoor cycling experience again. Augmented Routes provide athletes with enhanced levels of interactivity, fun and competition. And, our brand-new app concept provides the utmost simplicity and immersiveness. You are able to connect your equipment, and ride in just one single click in 4K-ready/QHD video quality. The app is now available on all platforms and devices. Just download and ride!”

Rouvy’s new app for Mac and Apple TV will stay in public beta for a period of time. While in beta, Mac and Apple TV version (named “Rouvy AR”) will be available absolutely free of charge to all users. Find it on the Rouvy’s web to download for Mac or Appstore for Apple TV.

About Rouvy
Rouvy is one of the top popular software applications used by the global cycling community for indoors. The most featured training platform is #1 in realistic simulation of outdoor rides and road feel. It enables cyclists to create custom routes, bike the planet indoors, compete in online races and manage training data. Added to interactive workouts, an endless variety of courses and year-round motivational challenges, Rouvy provides an authentic e-racing platform for event organizers. With the first official eRace taking place in Medellin, Colombia this year in June, there are many more to come.



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  • senorbill - 01.02.2021
    How can I create my own route on a Mac?
    • yuriy888 - 02.02.2021
      No, on Windows only with the video or on the web with just a map, so far. Download the Route Editor app from "download" or via web/Strava
  • ovladejkolo - 02.12.2020
    Hi there.
    Why the CREATED WORKOUTS don't work on the platform?
    Will there ever be the option?
    • yuriy888 - 14.12.2020
      They should work, please drop a message to to address the issue.
  • cockrell - 07.06.2020
    Rouvy will not connect with my brand new MacBook, why not , connects with my Mac desktop
    • yuriy888 - 08.06.2020
      Pls drop a ticket to our help desk at for the check. Thanks.
  • pbarham - 27.12.2019
    Bluetooth doesn't work for me on the Mac version. (Zwift works fine on the same latop)
    • yuriy888 - 25.02.2020
      Make sure to unconnect the trainer from any other app or device (even located in the other rooms), and then try to connect to Rouvy again. In all other cases, pls contact our support desk. Cheers.


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