PETR SAMEK - 23.02.2018
If you ever wondered how to become a successful entrepreneur or invent a new trainer, here is the recipe received at ANT Symposium: "Not much sleep and lots and lots of hard work!"

We never informed you in the past that our company is a constant member of the ANT Wireless Symposium. This conference is held within Banff National Park and its beautiful views, in the same-named resort town (in the province of Alberta, Ca).


It is a big corporate meetup where CTO’s, mostly in the sports domain, discuss technical challenges, protocols and compatibility of products. By attending, Rouvy is trying to contribute to the industry and its standards, so you, as well as multiple athletes all over the world, can enjoy a flawless experience with wirelessly connected devices. Discussions and ongoing progress, as well as the aura around the vibrant ANT+ community, make me feel a restrained optimism for the future, where users will be able to setup and connect their training equipment on any software platform in seconds.