Thanks to the great popularity of double point weekends last season, we’ve brought them back for another year. During specific weekends, your points in the Career Mode will be counted twice!

Use this opportunity to fuel your Rouvy Career progress at double speed.

Mark your season calendars for these dates in 2017 & 2018:

  • December 15-17
  • January 19-21
  • February 16-18
  • March 16-18
  • April 13-15
  • June 15-17
  • August 17-19
  • September 14-16

*Please note: the system hours for the double weekends are Friday-Sunday 00.01 - 23:59 UTC time zone. 

How Points Are Calculated

Both indoor and outdoor ride points are calculated based on an equation of TSS. On this special weekend, points are calculated by the “TSS * 2” formula. So, on a Double Points Weekend, if your training TSS is 100, you'll receive an additional bonus with 200 career points instead of the usual 100 points.

Outdoor Rides

All outdoor activities must be done with a cycling power meter - just to ensure that we have your TSS information and this data is accurate, so we can count your points.

Indoor Rides

No changes here! Simply connect your trainer to Rouvy and pedal away.


So, enjoy and have fun on our DOUBLE WEEKENDS! Ride on!



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  • sabastan - 21.04.2018
    Are there going to be anymore double point weekends during spring and summer? Or is this a fall winter exclusive?
    • savrnako - 22.04.2018
      Hi! Sure DP weekends will continue as you´re used to - every 14 days all year long. :) The next one is 27th - 29 th April.
      • Anonymous_fVp6 - 22.04.2018
        I wish they were every 14 days - that was last year, now it's once a month :-)
    • Anonymous_fVp6 - 21.04.2018
      I'm certain they will announce new DP weekends later this year, but the current roster is until September and it's only April...
  • UK-MTB-RICH - 21.12.2017
    TBH i just use this for a bit of fitness. I don't consider it a serious piece of software to measure against others by I see it more of an animated trainer game. Having said that it is useful to measure your own improvements or declines. TBH i rate all the cycling apps on this basis. But double point weekends do just turn it into computer a game you play on a bike, a bit like the old PC games where you shook the remote to run, strong wrists, but no fitter :)
  • LTomie56 - 13.12.2017
    Would it be possible to clarify exactly what time of day the double points factor is implemented. The date range given is actually Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Does it start Saturday morning at 00:00 in the Czech Republic ? With Rouvy being used globally, I'm sure lots of riders around the world would like to take maximum advantage of the points doubler.
    • Anonymous_fVp6 - 17.01.2018
      You can use to get your local time compared to UTC. I thought Rouvy was running these challenges in CET zone (Czech Republic) too, but it's actually UTC (GMT)...
    • bigmuflon - 13.12.2017
      We work with UTC time for all time specification. It's not perfect because it can make a difference +/- 12 hours for users depending on the location. Therefore we would like to switch into local time mode in future. It could solve the most of issues. But it will take some time, because there are some consequences...
  • rrheault - 08.12.2017
    Based on the season rankings so far, a significant number of the Rouvy users are getting double TSS for ALL their rides at ALL times. They are cheating with their FTP by keeping it at 100 or less. Your rankings have zero credibility and will remain meaningless until you resolve this situation. I sure hope there are no prizes to be won based on TSS rankings!
    • bigmuflon - 08.12.2017
      Hi, yep. In same cases users have a wrong FTP setting. That's the reason. It's not a global issue. We could release some extra check + update of the existing values within a week.
      • rrheault - 08.12.2017
        You have a nice way of downplaying the issue by writing "in some cases" :-) A quick glance at the Top 10 shows 5 of 10 have boosted TSS numbers due to very low and unrealistic FTP. This includes the supposedly Number 1 place. The "real" number 1 place holder is in 3rd place and is actually reporting a lower TSS than he should, maybe due to an over-estimated FTP, but in my eyes, he is still the "real" season leader. So 6 out of the first 10 places are not reporting accurate TSS values, I guess calling this "in some cases" is a bit of a stretch, don't you think? Glad to hear you can fix that within a week, but I won't hold my breath waiting for you to do it, since I reported this issue many weeks ago already and nothing has been done so far. Of course, once you start giving away double points, which will totally skew the TSS results and rankings for good, it will become difficult for a users not having access to the rides data to make a claim of falsely reported TSS / FTP. I guess you can just wait it out until the TSS rankings become so confusing that no one will care anyway, which may already be the case, since I think I may be the only who cares :-) By the way, "giving away" double points makes Rouvy look even less of a serious training tool than it is now. Not one serious athlete would be reporting that he or she rode twice as much as reality simply to "look good" on paper. "Real" athletes make "real" efforts and get "real" rewards in terms of "real" fitness and "real" performance gains. It seems that Rouvy could have been named "Unreal" to better fit the training philosophy you are promoting and encouraging.
        • brt101 - 03.01.2018
          I'd like to second the point about the doubling of points being a gimmick to boost apparent performance. I'm very new to using Rouvy - indeed to using a turbo trainer - and the last thing I wanted when I subscribed was to secure artificial and indeed futile 'improvements'.
          And if indeed FTP's are being manipulated, it's rather like lying to yourself - completely pointless.
          • Anonymous_fVp6 - 17.01.2018
            However, if you are honest to yourself, the double points are a great tool for enhancing your chances to complete the different career levels, if you're into that sort of thing. If you look at the work (hours -> TTS) needed to go from level to the next, eventually it will take you up to two months of riding 1.5 - 2 hours per day, every day. A weekend - or span of three days - where you have the opportunity to get double points, is more than welcome. Of course, Rouvy could also just lower the required work load and get rid of double points weekends, but also in real life, some pro tour stages are rewarded with double points :-)



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