ONDREJ SAVRNAK - 22.09.2017
The countdown timer has just run out. After weeks of recording, editing and uploading, the contest is finally over. The Rouvy team congratulates the winners and expresses gratitude to everyone who participated in the contest and helped make it a success. Let´s roll over to present the best ones!

We received excellent routes from all over the world that surely will make indoor training this winter great fun and enjoyment. There were hundreds of video routes uploaded to our Cloud from 30th May to 18th September, and we're more than happy to reward the active Rouvy members for the taken action and effort. Credit for prizes provided goes to Wahoo, our constant partner, who joined this year’s route trails forray.  

After significant consideration, we’re excited to announce the top three overall winners, and a randomly chosen one in a draw: 


Grand Prize 

Wahoo ELEMNT Bundle: GPS Bike computer, HR monitor, speed and cadence sensor

Steve Lawrence, aka “drstevil
Route location: USA, Colorado


Steve created “Trail Ridge Road” for us, which spans the Park, and connects Estes Park on the east side to the town of Grand Lake on the western slope. 

Sometimes it just takes a simple decision to step up to your wish. And it is awesome that Steve has been immediately rewarded right from the getgo! Quoting Steve directly, “For years, I've dreamed about riding up Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain Nation Park. This year I mounted a Garmin Virb Ultra 30 to my motorcycle and rode up East to West. The next day, I pedaled up the road and really felt the altitude. I hope lots of riders have a chance to test themselves on the climb!”

                   Trail Ridge Road

Note: It's the highest paved road in the United States. You can look forward to spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery above the tree line. So, we can just clap our hands and take off our hats. Well done, Steve! 

(If you have postponed anything for years, go and do it. Steve proves that the best time is now ;-). You are welcome to drop him a few thankful lines on FB for both a great route and demonstration of true role-model behavior as well). 


1st runner-up 

Wahoo Sensor Bundle: HR monitor, speed and cadence sensor + Rouvy premium for 1 year 

Jesus Tabuyo, aka “tabuyo” 
Route location: Spain, Castile and León


If you are an experienced Rouvy user, you definitely know that Jesus is kinda the king in the community of route creators. (Please, no worries for this adherent of Christopher Columbus by spirit. We equally appreciate and share your excitement, but there’s no need to remind us once again that he deserves a lifetime Rouvy license. He has already won one fairly in the past, and now enjoys its benefits.) Mr. Tabuyo (or maybe his twin avatar - we are not sure whether a human can be that passionate) made a dozen routes this year again! His second-place finish is very well deserved with “La Lancha” for its amazing Castilian countryside, featuring nice weather around the windmills area.

                La Lancha (South)

Yep, we are thinking about a special category or “tabuyo” tag title to be used in our route section. The only thing we are not sure about is how much space it will take to describe the meaning and shadow greatness of this word.   


2nd runner-up

Wahoo Sensor Bundle: HR monitor, speed and cadence sensor 

Ron Dietz, aka “Rotor-ron
Route location: USA, Oregon


Ron takes us on a well known bikeway in high desert with possibility to see some of the most majestic mountains in Oregon, like Mt. Jefferson, Mt. Hood and Three-Fingered Jack.

                  Madras - Mt Jefferson


Random draw winner

Rouvy premium for 1 year

Günter Pömmer, aka “gupomuc
Route location: Austria, Tyrol 



We're very excited that Günter has started to upload some of his high altitude journeys in the Salzburger Alps. One of his masterpieces shows you meadows covered by tons of snow - in the winter known for its amazing Ski resorts. In the summer, it's such a top-notch high to grab your mountain bike and discover these trails on your own. With Rouvy, you don't have to even leave your paincave to do so. 



Other great routes submitted during the Contest:

  • Ridwarephil

                 Tourmalet from Luz-Saint Sauveur


  • Tabuyo

                 Cotos (up to Valdesqui)


  • Boox

                 40km. Loop in the loop flat ride - Denmark


  • Danino19

                 Crocetta d´Orero - via Sant´Olcese


  • Ricvilla

                 Mt Constitution Road Climb - Orcas Island


  • Rotor-ron

                 South Fork Smith River


The new indoor season is knocking on the door, and we're so stoked that there were so many routes uploaded.  All of the contributors deserve a big “thanks.” You guys are amazing! Now, everyone in our indeed global community is equipped with everything needed to hop on their bikes and enjoy training on virtual routes all winter long. We hope you'll continue in those extraordinary efforts and share your favorite riding spots with the gROUVYing people. In its turn, the Rouvy team will do its best to continue collection of the most popular cycling destinations, and keep you motivated for any kind of personal effort and contribution. Ride on and wait for great announcements that will keep coming!



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