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The Col de la Croix de Fer and the Col du Granon are two brutal and challenging climbs that should go on every avid climber's bucket list of favourites to conquer and see how far one can test one's limits to the full. Approach these vicious ascents with a good fitness level, some endurance time in the saddle, fresh legs and adequate nutrition and fluids close at hand.

Climb your way up to the Cross 


The Croix de Fer climb begins from one of the world's most magnificent bike climbing areas. You'll start your ride in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne, nestled in one of France's favourite cycling regions, linking the Oisans (where you'll find the legendary Alpe d'Huez) with the Maurienne Valley (where you can find the iconic Galibier). It is also one of the longest-distance climbs in France at almost 30 km. The climb has the most magnificent alpine scenery for the entire climb, with the eastern approach being one of the most beautiful and varied and finishing at the legendary Iron Cross. The Croix de Fer has featured in the Tour 20 times between 1947 and 2022.


There are, in fact, five ways up the Col de la Croix de Fer to the summit: The classic west side (31km), the pass via Col du Glandon (22km), the Classic East side from Saint Jean de Maurienne (30km) and 1,650m of climbing, our approach, the fourth and fifth sides via Col du Mollard, and the 6th approach via La Toussuire.



The Col de Croix de Fer is a stunning route that will immerse you from start to finish as you take in the varying landscapes, and every hairpin bend has something to offer. The first half has gorgeous views of the lush green valley, where you'll go through tunnels and over bridges and ride alongside sparkling streams. The route also has a few welcome downhill sections to recover and soft pedal a bit. Then in the latter half, you'll take in panoramic vast open scenery to feast your eyes that could distract you a bit from the pain in your legs. The icing on the cake is once you reach the summit and see the breathtaking alpine scenery around you. The climb is challenging because of its length and constant uneven gradient. 


Estimated time to complete:

3 W/kg: 2 hours

2 W/kg: 2h35

Compare your time with the Croix de Fer Strava KOM  


Tackle the brutal Col du Granon featured twice in the Tour


Col du Granon is one of the lesser-known climbs in the Tour. It is a long, steep and secluded mountain pass in the Alps in the Hautes-Alpes in Southeastern France and one that is not for the faint of heart, so be warned. A narrow road snakes steeply up the southern approach, surrounded by a barren and rugged landscape near the top overlooking magnificent vistas of distant alpine peaks emerging majestically out of the valley floors.



It is the sixth most difficult in France and is consistently steep, rarely dipping under 7% with a 1,056m ascent over 12 km. The most brutal 500-metre stretch is 13.9%, and the most challenging kilometre is 12.9%. 


The climb has featured in the Tour twice, first in 1986 and again in 2022, when Vingegaard attacked Tadej Pogacar on an exciting and memorable stage. The climb was the fourth highest the Tour had ever been when it finished at its peak. Enjoy the challenge of this spectacular climb and if you can't complete it the first time, try again, as the views from the top are incredible! Embrace the climbs and pace yourself conservatively in an easy gear with a high cadence to delay fatigue. Try the Col du Granon yourself on Rouvy.


Estimated time to completion:

3 W/kg: 1h06 

2 W/kg: 1h40


Compare your efforts to the Col du Granon Strava KOM

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  • - 05.01.2023
    Could we please get full Croix de Fer climb from the other side as well - not short one already available that is missing initial 8km from Lac du Verney?
  • HeikeHardt - 30.12.2022
    Hi Lauren, another wonderful article of this demanding series of the France climbs. When not doing these climbs as races it's also nice to read while riding. It's so nicely written, with all the information, sheer pleasure. And, tbh, I've never heard so far of this Col du Granon, so very happy with this too!!

    Hi Larry, if we will meet sometime on some route and you will see a woman waering this 'special kit' too, it could be me. Some kind of treating oneself, a reward for the effort we put in.
  • LTomie56 - 29.12.2022
    Hi Lauren - great article. Col du Granon is the time trial route for Haute Route Alps 2023. Thanks for pointing out those "special" sections. Is the "special virtual avatar jersey helmet and gloves available now ?
    • LaurenWolff - 30.12.2022
      Hi Larry, Thank you! The virtual jersey and accessories will be available after the challenge end date :-)


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