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Get fresh inspiration for your training sessions and see which routes are getting busy in January. If you have other favourite routes to do your workouts, share your tips as comments to inspire fellow athletes!

10. Alpenbrevet - Furkapass from Andermatt | Switzerland


The last route in the TOP-10 selection is a bit of an exception; while most routes in the list are flat or hilly, the Furkapass, though just stunning, is a serious Alpine climb that previously appeared in the Giro d’Italia, the Gran Fondo San Gottardo, the Tour de Suisse and the Alpenbrevet. The last two events run their online races on ROUVY regularly.

Check out the route here and make sure you save it to your favourites!

9. Las Vegas at Night I USA


Smash through the lively Las Vegas Blvd at a full throttle or just simply enjoy this world-famous street at night. Thanks to a 11 km distance and zero climbing, the Las Vegas at Night route is a great lunchtime, or better put, midnight break!

Check out the route here


8. The beautiful Bucegi Natural Park in Romania


Explore one of the highest, elevated parts of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania! The steepest climb reaches 17% grade, but you can be rest assured that this is a mild but hilly route that will be fun and easy enough to complete. Watch carefully and try to count the herds of sheep you will pass by!

Check out the route here


7. Vietnam - the awesome Ha Long Bay


There is no big need to introduce the exotic Hạ Long Bay in Northeast Vietnam. The emerald waters and the thousands of towering limestone islands topped by rainforests are a popular haunt for junk boat and kayak tours. Now, you can join hundreds of other cycling explorers and experience the atmosphere of this special place from your home.

Check out the route here


6. Paris - The City of Love


Explore ‘the city of love’, packed with famous landmarks, on an easy 11 km ride and enjoy cycling on the famous Champs Elysées boulevard and right around the Eiffel Tower! Along with the ‘Ha Long Bay’, ‘The City of London’ and the ‘Lavender Fields in Provence’ routes, the Paris course belongs to a new ‘Cities’ category, where we list the most interesting urban places to ride from all over the world.

Check out the route here

5. Cow Creek


Cow Creek is an absolutely awesome route that explores the rough mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Even though you are going to cycle through the mountainous south of the Oregon state (US), there is next to no climbing to be done.

Check out the route here


4, 3 & 2. Aomori Challenge routes


The History of Tsugaru Jomon, the Cape Tappi and the ‘Around Lake Jusanko’ routes are all part of a fresh Challenge that will be lasting till the 6th of February. All three routes are located on the lush green coast of Northeast Japan. Ride all three routes to enjoy the epic coastline, the lakeshore views and the laidback countryside.

The Cape Tappi route, especially, is a real gem!

Check out all three routes here and be sure to save them to your favourites! Even better, join the challenge and earn extra 400 points towards your career.

1. Swiss Countryside


The ‘Swiss Countryside’ route has been leading the ‘most trending routes’ chart for two months already! It is the perfect example of a ride in an amazing landscape with perfect blue skies and a really enjoyable profile and length.

Check out the route here


What is YOUR favourite route to ride? Share your popular courses with fellow Rouviers in the comments!




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