MARTIN SKUHRAVÝ - 08.11.2021

It’s always a pleasure when we organize events in cooperation with the Brazilian cycling community. This week, you can meet Ricardo, Leonardo and Fernanda, leading seven group rides on ‘Feel the rhythms of samba in Brazil’ racing series routes.

You have been able to explore and race in 18 locations all around the globe while being part of the ‘Around The World in 50 days’ racing series. This week, the last three stops of this adventurous racing series are just ahead.

Fast and flat week

The last week of the entire series is dedicated to colorful Brazil. Apart from three racing events at the end of the week, there are a number of social Group Rides led by personalities from the Brazilian Virtual Cycling community.

All seven group rides are going to take place on two urban routes: In one of the world’s most populous cities, Sao Paulo and in the new capital of Brazil, Brasília. The routes are not entirely flat, but with less than 170m of ascent they are classified as sprinter friendly routes.

Don’t forget that group rides have a ‘’speed algorithm assistance feature”, which means you don’t separate from the group even if you are not fast, fit or strong enough. All you need to do is pedal. You will finish with the same speed and time as the leader if you stay behind in the group. That could easily happen on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday as Ricardo Alcici, a leader for these rides, has been twice Brazilian Cycling Champion.


Get to know all three Group Ride leaders, see the schedule of the Brazilian week (right at the bottom) and sign up for the events!


Fernanda Carvalho: A triathlete who started from scratch


‘I was lucky to grow up in the countryside. Playing with kids in the street and riding a bike all afternoon was my daily life’, explains Fernanda, who is now a well known triathlete in Brazil. She started from scratch, without any practice in swimming, running or cycling. Step by step, very slowly but also consistently, the sport became part of Fernanda’s life! After 10 years of training and competitions she has been able to appear on podiums and take part in world championships.


Here are 6 questions for Fernanda:

Where do you live? And what makes the location a good place for training?

I live in Goiânia - Goiás, right in the heart of Brazil. Goiania is situated in a very accessible area for all sorts of cyclists. It is very easy to get on different highways in a short period of time if you need to go for a long ride, as well as unpaved routes, ideal for MTB. We also have access to ride inside the autodrome which is very rare anywhere in the world. (You can try it out on ROUVY, editorial note) Our climate also makes it easy to ride outside, there are only a few rainy days every year and temperatures are mild. I used to be part of a triathlon team as a coach and athlete for about 10 years, however as the pandemic started I decided to leave the group and go solo for a while.

Is there a community you belong to?

Brazilian Virtual Cycling community

What are your favorite places to hang out, both at home and around the world?

I had the opportunity to ride in a few different countries: Mexico, Australia, and France. I really liked the challenging route of Cote de Vence in France, when I took part in ‘IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship Nice’. It's a steep route and a very hard ride which made me really happy to accomplish it.

The indoor routes give me the opportunity to ride in places where I'd probably never travel. Being able to choose the route and the best time is practical for me. The safety of the indoor ride is the crucial point. And in my mind, there's no easy ride, since you always want to close the gap to whoever is riding near you!



What do you think of the routes in the series of races ‘Feel the rhythms of samba in Brazil’?

I see the ‘Feel the rhythms of samba in Brazil’ racing series as a remarkable point for the indoor training and racing in our country, a chance to demonstrate what this experience can attract newbies to the sport, and show how indoor cycling is growing and is being established as a respected sport around the world.

Instagram: @feinform


Ricardo Alcici: Two-time Brazilian Cycling Champion


Ricardo is 41 years old, 20 of them were dedicated to high performance racing in Brazilian Cycling on an Elite level. At that time he achieved two national titles among other outstanding results. With an academic background in Physical Education and specialization in Sports Training, Ricardo works as a coach for several amateur and professional athletes. He’s a fan of indoor training because apart from it being safer than training on busy roads, it allows for a more precise control of the required training loads and one’s training progress.



Here are 6 questions for Ricardo:

Where do you live? And what makes the location a good place for training?
I’m based in Belo Horizonte-Minas Gerais in Brazil. There are flat routes near my house, as well as routes with varied terrain that are a bit farther away.

Is there a community you belong to?
Brazilian Virtual Cycling community

Do you have (professional) sports experience in your family?
I have been a professional cyclist since 2003, holding the title of Brazilian Cycling Champion twice.

What are your favorite places to hang out, both at home and around the world?
At home: Lagoa da Pampulha and Confins (soon at Rouvy)
World: Paris, Italy and Florida

What do you think of the routes in ‘Feel the rhythms of samba in Brazil’ racing week?
I think it’s a great way to popularize Brazilian routes around the world, showing that we have some beautiful places to ride or to travel to.



How long do you train indoors and what is the biggest benefit for you?
I increased my indoor training volume in the last 18 months which improved my training quality even more. In addition to that, the athletes who train with me, have 3 to 4 workouts a week only with the smart trainer. That is basically because of easier logistics, training quality and SAFETY. I enjoy ROUVY so much that I started competing in your virtual competitions!

Instagram: @ricardoalcici


Leonardo Loureiro: A dedicated triathlete

Leonardo (45) started with swimming, but went through almost all team sports and running before starting triathlon. That's when his sport addiction got stronger. He is an author of @tripateta_amador on Instagram where he shares a lot of humor and fun for triathletes. The vision of Leonardo’s effort on social media is to show that despite being difficult, taking part in triathlon is totally doable for everyone who wants to try it and is dedicated.



Here are 6 questions for Leonardo:

Where do you live? And what makes the location a good place for training?
I live in Alcochete - Setúbal, in Portugal. I love the local beautiful landscapes and everyone’s respect for cyclists!

Is there a community you belong to?
Brazilian Virtual Cycling community

Do you have (professional) sports experience in your family?
Unfortunately not.

What are your favorite places to hang out, both at home and around the world?
Portugal: Cascais and Serra da Arrábida
Brazil: Olympic Circuit at Prainha, Grumari and Grota. Also the ascent to Christ the Redeemer belongs to my top spots.
At ROUVY: all the routes in Brazil



What do you think of the routes in the series of races ‘Feel the rhythms of samba in Brazil’?
An excellent way to kill my homesickness for Brazil (my homeland).

How long do you train indoors and what is the biggest benefit for you?
I've been training for about 8 years. Training at home brings me comfort, security and makes me not miss training due to weather conditions.

Instagram: @tripateta_amador

It’s great to see the passion the Brazilian community has for cycling and we are happy that you can now be part of it!

Group Rides Schedule:


Monday 11/8 2021, 10:30 PM I Ricardo Alcici’s Group Ride on a ‘Brasília - Eixo Monumental’ route

Monday 11/8 2021 6:30 PM I Leonardo Loureiro’s Group Ride on a ‘Brazil - Downtown of Sao Paulo’ route

Tuesday 11/9 2021, 9:30 AM I Ricardo Alcici’s Group Ride on a ‘Brasília - Eixo Monumental’ route

Tuesday 11/9 2021, 10:30 PM I Fernanda Carvalho’s Group Ride on a ‘Brazil - Downtown of Sao Paulo’ route

Wednesday 11/10 2021, 10:30 PM I Fernanda Carvalho’s Group Ride on a ‘Brasília - Eixo Monumental’ route

Thursday 11/11 2021, 9:30 AM I Ricardo Alcici’s Group Ride on a ‘Brazil - Downtown of Sao Paulo’ route

Thursday 11/11 2021, 6:30 PM I Leonardo Loureiro’s Group Ride on a ‘Brasília - Eixo Monumental’ route


Racing events are held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12th till 14th of November, REGISTER HERE.




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