YURIY RYASHKO - 30.09.2021

Another great chapter in the history of ROUVY is coming to its finish with the purpose of giving birth to something newer and greater.

ROUVY Career is a concept that was designed to keep any type of athlete motivated, all year round, irrespective of the season, weather or fitness condition. Keeping you focused through the ups and downs of the year-round period was the main goal in this year-long training Challenge.

And with 5 Seasons behind, it is a pleasure to see how the Career assisted many thousands of riders to come through and ignite the passion for training, helping to stay fit or get into better shape. The number of constantly growing participants and legends (more than doubling each year) proved it to be a great success.


Legends Club

20/21 - 484

19/20 - 186

18/19 - 91



The last annual (with a reset) ROUVY Season 2020/2021 ends today, September 30, 2021, 23:59 UTC


20/21 CAREER makers have a chance at

  • a real 1-WEEK trip in Tuscany from PedalItaly
  • Technogym Bench
  • Wahoo KICKR with a KICKR CLIMB
  • Saris MP1 Nfinity platform with an H3 smart trainer

and other valuable items. 

The draws will take place in the following month. 



The CAREER, as a continuous annual concept and feature, will cease to function from October 1st, 2021 and will NOT be working in any form until the new concept is launched.



The new and season-wise unlimited Career mode will start in January 2022. Starting with next week, the mosaic features of the new concept will be revealed step-by-step. And we are excited for what is to come :), where anyone will be able to build his or her own Career without a year-long period restriction!

In the meantime, enjoy the new platform features that come with ‘ONE ROUVY’, the non-stop Challenges and various events, or just ride through the endless and adventurous ROUVY catalog with over 10,000 video routes and 10,000 workouts. Truly, there is no need to do any route twice.



This is not the ‘end of an era’ but the next logical step of the ROUVY platform and team, trying our best in balancing, listening and adapting to the feedback of our core customers. Understanding the preference of many ROUVY athletes wanting to stay flexible with their own training agenda, the concept of CAREER will be re-shaped, to replace the annual time restriction with various motivational periodic achievements instead.  


The New Career features are to be unveiled step by step with the first details provided next week. 


Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter (in the web footer) or visit, once a month, for the updates. 


We thank our partners Wahoo Fitness, Technogym, Saris, ELITE Cycling, Santini Cycling, PedalItaly and Cycling Unlimited (TORTOUR) for making this Season so special for you. 


Thank you to all Career pursuers and congratulations to all Legends! You did great!


The best is yet to come!



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  • dk64 - 10.10.2021
    Rouvy: Even if the new season starts in January I still hope that you constantly post new challenges. I need that motivation.
    • yuriy888 - 11.10.2021
      The Challenges are updated and coming on a constant basis, keep riding!
  • lifebehindbars - 10.10.2021
    ROUVY! Spam alert in comments. Maybe make is so new members cannot post for a week or until they have ridden a route? Something, or you will have to turn off the blog comments too! I never did like spam, had to eat too much as a kid. ;)
    • yuriy888 - 11.10.2021
      Thank you for the eyes on it. Spam here and everywhere has been removed. Such "users" are cleaned regularly. No easy solution here since we do not want to put extra requirements on athletes. Cheers.
  • HAIGY - 08.10.2021
    As along time user extremely disappointed with this change and zero consultation. It’s said “we heard you”. So how did that happen and how did you ensure all users had an opportunity to be heard? Like many others in the northern hemisphere Sept is the natural time for me to switch progressively to more indoor training and i look forward to starting my new career journey on Rouvy, helps me with the transition back indoors as Canadian snowy winter arrives. Now I’m left high and dry. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. My friends have been bugging me to switch to Zwift for ages. As I’ve been on Rouvy for so long now was reluctant, this has given me the push to switch to something else.
    • yuriy888 - 11.10.2021
      Thank you for the feedback. Every comment and support ticket is considered, but radical changes require a significant amount of dev time and effort. Please bear with us and enjoy the multiple training options you have on ROUVY. I do not think the cartoon networks are an option for those used to realistic training and real-world race routes. Regards.
  • dasvadonya - 08.10.2021
    I joined Rouvy in late April and made it to National Champion career level. It was a lot of fun and made me a way stronger rider than riding outside. Challenges and races really can push you to your limits. I was very excited about the start of the new season and somewhat disappointed when I learned it was no longer to be. However, I am way more excited about the new upcoming Career mode, I am sure there will be many improvements. This is a positive change and all things evolve and get better. There are still tons of rides and challenges to do on Rouvy. There ae so many races, I find it impossible to believe that people can't find one for their time zone. When I signed up for Rouvy I wasn't even aware of the Career mode, my subscription gives me access to the Routes to ride as I choose....the Challenges, the Races, the Career mode, the Blogs, the User made Challenges, are all just extra goodies.
    Less complaining and more looking forward to the new and improved season coming very soon.
    • yuriy888 - 11.10.2021
      We do hear every opinion and solicit feedback regularly! Radical changes require more dev time to implement. Thanks for the feedback. Ride on and enjoy the platform with the endless variety it provides!
  • dondie - 07.10.2021
    It seems to me really ridiculous to end the career on 30/09 and not start the new one until 01/01, they are 3 months of thrown out subscription, especially for those who are in the northern hemisphere, it is one of the periods in which the platform is more used
    • yuriy888 - 07.10.2021
      Thank you for the feedback, but Career is just one among multiple platform features. Knowing that less than 10% of ROUVY athletes actually using it should make it look less ridiculous, I believe. Others prefer to stick to their own riding/training agenda. Thus, to satisfy multiple requests to remove the 1-year limitation the concept required a radical change, taking a bit more time to make it properly. Prolonging the season would be disrespectful to all 20/21 legends and their efforts... Time flies quickly, so the wait will be short. Thank you for your patience and stay tuned as new features, routes and improvements are coming out regularly. Things will turn even more flexible and fun. Ride on!
      • lifebehindbars - 07.10.2021
        Well said, you are correct that the "Legends" would feel slighted and it would be unfair to those that put in the time and effort just to have it be meaningless.
      • dondie - 07.10.2021
        I pay an annual subscription and expect to have certain functions throughout the year, and career is the thing that stimulates me the most on the platform, I don't use and have never used individual training plans, I don't care if only 10 % of users use it, I belong to 10%, and I would have to pay the subscription for only 9 months.
        If you had already planned to close your career on 09/30, you have had at least 9 months to produce the news, and they should already be available, without needlessly waiting 3 months
        • lifebehindbars - 07.10.2021
          Did you pay for the 20/21 season? If so, it ended, and has always ended October 1st. This is nothing new. We are all starting in the same place after that date, whether we pay annually or monthly. For instance, I had to pay my annual subscription in September or I would never been able to make legend. Should I feel that it's unfair now that the new season doesn't start until January? Sorry, but your argument falls flat. Rouvy has so many routes all over the world and right now they offer all sorts of challenges for everyone's level. The career level will not be as it was, it will take much more time to reach legend than just one season so none of us are loosing time. Best of luck, keep riding and enjoy what ROUVY has to offer.
          • dondie - 07.10.2021
            then if you like it like this, keep your subscription, I feel teased and I don't think I'll renew it
          • dondie - 07.10.2021
            I paid in March for a year, and therefore had the career function available for only 6 months, and having the good fortune of living in Italy, I only use Rouvy in the winter months, from September to March, if my career ended in September , I expect the new one to start in October, otherwise I wasted my money, I don't enjoy doing routes without having a goal to reach. You have had many months to develop the news, I do not understand why 3 months must pass between the end of a season and the beginning of the new one, I would say that even your thesis does not hold up
            • yuriy888 - 07.10.2021
              Goals to reach? Make the podium (reach top 3 results) on the leaderboards of your favourite routes. Compete against your previous results via the "virtual partners' feature until you improve your time by 1/3. Participate and win in any official or community races. Any of those are respectful and very visible within the community and will keep you busy till January. It should be fun as well. Thank you for staying with us.
              • dondie - 07.10.2021
                Getting on the podium of the best when you admit people who do the routes at 9 w / kg is not a realistic goal. I would like the official races, but they are often at times that do not coincide with those I train at, and especially at the weekend, and if the weather permits I prefer to go out on the road. It doesn't seem fair to me. I don't understand what damage the Legends suffer from a season extension, I wouldn't reach their level anyway, but if at the end of the year there were 15/20 more legends where would the problem be?
                • yuriy888 - 08.10.2021
                  @dondie, you can filter every leaderboard by 'smart & power trainers' where you will find solid results, and you can compete even only with direct-drive trainers where the results are proof-solid.

                  There would be many more than 15/20 Legends but his discussion is not actual anymore.

                  If you are from Italy, from now on you can use ROUVY in the Italian version. Find and switch the language in general "settings". Enjoy the new 'cities' and continental folders. Hopefully, you will find locations that can amuse you. Have a great weekend!
                  • dondie - 18.10.2021
                    Dear @yuriy888 I am still waiting to know the percentage of official events that starts between 20:30 and 21:30 (Rome time zone) an analysis of the last year would be enough for me, even in the next few days it does not seem to me to find
                    • yuriy888 - 22.10.2021
                      Dear @dondie, we hear you. Today at 20:30 Rome you are welcome to join the group ride with the ROUVY dev team!

                      At other times you are welcome to take the lead and setup your own events (takes just 2 clicks to create GR or race) and invite the fabulous Rouvy community to join in at ROUVY Athletes | Cycling group on FB. Pretty sure, many will join if that is a popular training time spot. Have a great ride today!
                    • billzone - 18.10.2021
                      Dondie, Please drop it. Thank you.
                      • dondie - 18.10.2021
                        @billzone I don't understand why I should let it go, I pay for a service and ask for answers, it seems normal to me
                  • dondie - 08.10.2021
                    @ yuruy888 I do not understand what the problem is if there are more or less legends, I do not think you have any costs as the number of legends increases and I do not think that those who are already legends have problems if others become so.
                    My initial training time is between 20:30 and 21 time in Rome, can you tell me what percentage of the events organized by Rouvy start at this time? You will understand that without the career the game is much less interesting. However, it is useless to continue the discussion so much it seems to me that there is not a minimum of elasticity, I threw my money and until March and until then I will stay on the platform, then I will move on to another 2 \ 3 fewer users will not affect in profound way on your profits. Good continuation
            • pippopalla - 07.10.2021
              Dear Dondle, as you see, I also am not so happy about the delay in the starting of the new course (not the end of the last season, since that was scheduled), but I would not be that negative.
              Rouvy is also about virtually exploring places that it will be difficult to reach (for me, even the famous passes in the Alps, which are not that far from home). You have plenty of reference points to run after, since each and every route has a ranking and you can run against the best, or against yourself.
              Even more, you can exploit this 3 months feeling relatively free, since you can (not must) pick a challenge if you wish, or explore freely the bazilions of available routes.
              I will do so. Sometimes, having the follow the routes for career was some kind of restriction about I could experiment (downside of the career system). Therefore, I will enjoy some more freedom in choosing the routes for the time being and I hope you can enjoy that as well.
    • pippopalla - 07.10.2021
      The goal of Rouvy is not only all about career.
      I think that keeping in shape without getting bored while outside is pouring and cold is the main one.
      But I agree with you. Human nature is such that having levels and promotions to achieve helps a lot to keep motivated.
      And that will be missed in 3 of the most useful (and miserable) months for the northern hemisphere.
      As I wrote, I have not reached my next level for 1000 points not because I have not exercised, but because the Summer weather was still very good and I was doing much more than the equivalent of 1000 points outside in the open air.
      Right when the air is now much colder and unsettled we are left without those strong incentives.
      I will use Rouvy all the same, though, since keeping in shape is the main reason I am here.
  • pippopalla - 02.10.2021
    I got to Professional, but as dcad wrote, I could not make to National because I could not get the required points (all other conditions complied).
    But not for an accident, but for a nice reason: Summer in Italy was still going strong and I of course was mostly riding on the streets! That would have more than needed compensated for my missing points.
    I am not equipped with power measuring elements to have my outside rides be validated in Rouvy.
    That said, my first season with Rouvy was a tremendous success. I enjoyed a lot riding on Rouvy when it was too cold (or too hot) or raining and going out when suitable (I am also some kind of fair weather cyclist).
    But what counts is that I never really stopped training and when going out I was always fit, without the dips you get when 3 weeks of bad weather in the wrong days come (it happens). So, training is much more constant and so fitness stays up all the time.
    Just a couple of days ago I managed to climb a street that in the last 4 years (since I discovered this magnificent road near where I live) was a really nightmare and I must confess I had to dismount from the bike in places (shame! and only happened to me on this climb). It was like I had afterburners in my legs.
    That can only be ascribed to the effect of Rouvy aided training. The levels, challenges and motivation of the platform has improved a a lot my general condition also when going outside (I am still a slow cyclist compared to what I see doing here, but my "past me" was much slower and less powerful than I am now).
    All in all, you enjoy it at home, but then since you are more fit you enjoy a lot more your road excursions.
    • yuriy888 - 04.10.2021
      Thanks for the feedback, the only person indeed worth competition is yourself :). Keep enjoying your training and rides!


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