Consistency is the way to build your solid fitness. Precision is making sure each workout hits its mark. We often suggest working on training plan compliance (consistency) and precision with the metrics (zones, duration, IF, TSS).

ROUVY’s augmented cycling is the right tool to achieve precision and consistency. You can quickly explore the benefits of structured workouts and planned training. But how else can ROUVY help you in your race preparation?


ROUVY provides multiple advantages to riding an IRONMAN course - right from your own home - with real-time video speed and road feedback. With IRONMAN events taking place all over the world, it is time to pre-ride your next IRONMAN with ROUVY. It may be more useful than you think!

Avoid uncertainty in the race - base your training on technology

ROUVY routes give you the advantage of knowing every inch of the route -  distance, gained elevation or the steepness of the climbs. When it comes to routes as long as the IRONMAN ones, it is very important to decide where to ride faster and where to hold back a bit and catch a breath. 


Knowing your body type, you can see if it is more efficient to add 30 watts to the downhill and save some in the climb, or the other way round. Every detail matters, and just by knowing these, you can gain a lot of valuable seconds which will add up to a lot in the end. 


Once you have your tactic set, it is time to get used to the pace. It is not necessary to always ride the whole track at the race pace. Try problematic sections live before the race. Watch the indicators and your body feedback - watts, heart rate, cadence. 

Have a step-by-step plan 

Do not worry, you have plenty of time for testing. Try to understand your pace. When you think you are ready, try to ride without the computer. Remember the training feeling, and try to complete the training without looking at the data provided to you by the platform - analyze the training afterwards. 


This training might sound unnecessary, but it will make you very confident during the race. Know your tactic, have a plan, understand it and stick to it during the race.


Once you think you are ready, it is time for your first hard test. Create an online race on ROUVY, invite your friends or simply join one. Do not forget that you already know your strategy - where to speed up, where to drink, eat or rest. 


Just focus on yourself. Don't deal with problems...just focus on giving everything you have to the race, using your full potential! Everything else will automatically fall into place, because you have done it a million times before. The other riders in the race are just trying to stress you out by their pace - like in the IRONMAN race, which is another test for you. 


Stick to your plan! You prepared on ROUVY and know the route perfectly. Focus on yourself, and go smoothly through the race, step by step. Every crisis can be overcome, slowly but surely. Just stick to the plan, and you will sail  through the difficulties all the way to the finish line.





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  • danvolpe71 - 22.05.2020
    When Rouvy and Ironman going to roll more Ironman and ironman 70.3 courses?


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