YURIY RYASHKO - 02.04.2020

ROUVY apps are temporarily splitting into ROUVY AR and ROUVY WORKOUTS.

Dear Rouviers, 

It has been one heck of a period of time. Hasn’t it? While you were enjoying new AR routes and recently arrived REAL SPRING CLASSICS, the ROUVY’s quickly-growing team behind the scenes was working from dawn till dusk like little warrior ants to make this all run smoothly.  



There was no time for a full report like we did last year, but hopefully, later in the spring, we will get that done. Nevertheless, please have a glimpse of what has happened over the winter.  


# of available as of March, 24, 2020:

  • video films: 4,000 (!)
  • Workouts: 6,000 (!)


# of Indoor activities: 

  • Year 2019:  1,122,007
  • January, 2019 (1-month):  136,002
  • January, 2020 (1-month):  200,253


Total distance, km. (ridden on the trainers):

  • Year 2019:  19,522,617
  • January, 2019 (1-month):  2,337,737  
  • January, 2020 (1-month):  3,271,766


In the last weeks, we have noticed the extreme increase of interest for ROUVY. We are very happy, on another hand we are sorry for the delayed uploads. We do our best to ensure the great experience and optimize all processes for the infrastructure to be ready for the future!   


Thank you for putting up these incredible numbers and making it happen! Without you, ROUVY would not have been able to get to the point where the platform is now. 



For those of you who did not have a chance to see or ride in real-time - first ROUVY Classics were a blast!

You can still watch all of the races on ROUVY’s Youtube Channel: 



On April 1, ROUVY Apps were divided into 2 versions (iOS 5.0.0, Android 5.0.0. and Windows 7.0.0.):

ROUVY AR (all platforms:  Win, iOS, Android, Mac, Apple TV, but via BLUETOOTH ONLY)
  • AR Virtual Rides (available in 2K for download)
  • AR/Online Races with the official race branding
  • More than 4,000 filmed routes
  • Unlimited # of Virtual Partners
  • Spectator Mode (yep, now you can find the most crowded route quickly)
  • Custom-fit Avatars
  • Simple UI and improved sensor connect 



ROUVY AR is the best for Digital Races, Group Rides, immersive experience and enjoyment of the 1:1 branded official race courses. 


ROUVY WORKOUTS (Win, iOS, Android with the old UI - just like all in the feature descriptions on
  • TrainingPeaks Workouts and integration
  • All 6,000 workouts in the catalog
  • Virtual Routes, but:

   - only 3 virtual partners in AR

   - limited experience in Online Races (it’s not optimized for the on-line races with a big number of participants)


*Challenges and Career are cross-platform, and will be available in both. 


Unfortunately breaking into 2 versions is necessary, as it will take time to move the structured training part and ANT+ support onto the newer apps. We are probably talking about a 5-month period to unite everything into one ROUVY app. Please be patient.  



  • ROUVY AR was released out of beta today (April, 1, 2020), but will stay FREE during APRIL, 2020.
  • The Standard Plan is set to be removed as of May 1, 2020. So, ROUVY will be from $10/month only from that date. ROUVY WORKOUTS are to stay paid through April and later on, until the apps are united in UI and features.
  • Payments through Itunes and GooglePlay as of April 1, 2020 have been removed. Payments from April 1, 2020 will be available only via
  • All subscriptions acquired earlier via the app stores are to stay valid till expiration. 



As there were well-deserved complaints about the rider’s avatar and its movement, we have worked hard to improve it and get it right. The plan is to release that in April. ANT+ support and the support for classics trainers in ROUVY AR will be available in May.  In the meantime, an ANT+->BLE adapter can be used.



Due to the multi-year partnership with IRONMAN ROUVY will work on significant improvements for triathletes. 



(signed for 2020 and beyond): 

Tour de Suisse (Switzerland), TORTOUR (Switzerland), KOLO PRO ŽIVOT (Czech Republic), Mallorca Triathlon 140.6 (Spain), XTERRA (Czech Republic, limited partnership) and IRONMAN - \0/\0/\0/ Yes! - and many more race courses and events are in the pipeline. 




  • IRONMAN VR (to be streamed on IRONMAN Facebook Watch)
  • THE SWISS DIGITAL 5 by Tour de Suisse (to be streamed on Swiss Television)
  • Community versions of the above


Enjoy your rides, and we’ll see you on the virtual-but-real roads!


Sincerely yours,




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  • theobald_z - 21.06.2020
    Do you have any plans to support Kettler Racer S in rouvy AR? Also due for new season?
    • yuriy888 - 22.06.2020
      If Kettler Racer S works fine via ANT+ protocol generally, it should be supported once the ANT+ is rolled out. i don't think it is on the roadmap as a separate unit, but you are welcome to drop a message to our help desk to know for sure. Cheers.
  • MikeMillar - 18.06.2020
    I have a Cycleops 400 Pro indoor bike. I currently have my bike connected to an iPad Pro via a CABLE (Connect ANT+ to BLE) dongle. I also have the old version of the O-Synce Multiremote that only transmits by ANT+. I can use the new Rouvy AR app and it recognizes the bike including recording power, cadence and speed. Unfortunately, neither the CABLE dongle nor the Rouvy AR app recognizes the multiremote, so I cannot shift gears or change screens. Will the new ANT+/BLE Remote for Rouvy solve my issue?
    • yuriy888 - 22.06.2020
      The ANT+ protocol support will arrive soon, whether it is going to solve your problem I am not sure. Pls check with our support desk.
  • TilleyDRCC - 18.06.2020
    Do you have any plans to support the Wattbike Atom?
    • yuriy888 - 18.06.2020
      We do. Hopefully around the autumn start, pls stay tuned for the news. At the moment you can connect a Wattbike to ROUVY as a general powermeter. Make your trainer controllable via ANT+ by any workout app, and connect (as a powermeter) via Bluetooth to ROUVY AR to report power. In this way, you can enjoy both the structured workout and iconic scenery.
      • TilleyDRCC - 18.06.2020
        Many thanks for the update Yuriy....and for the interim guidance :-)
  • zujiferi - 18.06.2020
    I can't find the roller calibration in the rouvy ar program.
    • yuriy888 - 18.06.2020
      Because there is none, and most probably will never be. Please use the app from your trainer vendor for the calibration as often as recommended in the manual.
      • zujiferi - 18.06.2020
        Thanks.The old program offered to calibrate before each trip and I started with that, I still do it with the old Rouvy program.
  • SheldonZA - 07.06.2020
    While you look at adding features a fundamental protocol is still not supported. You already have the development and code in workouts to support Ant+. Writing code to support a known protocol should not take long.

    When will Ant+ be supported? Please provide a real answer.
    • yuriy888 - 08.06.2020
      HI, humans (including the person answering you and his colleagues in the dev department) are not good forecasters of the future. Pls pardon us for that. You can buy ANT+->BLE adapter today or just wait for another month when it is expected to arrive. Cheers.
  • frankbhoy77 - 04.06.2020
    Hi there, I cannot connect my elite turbo muin b+ to be a controllable even though it connects as a power meter no problem. Also, I cannot seem to connect to my garmin forerunner 735xt watch to act as a heart this possible? My garmin HRM (strap) will not connect either
    • yuriy888 - 05.06.2020
      Wait for the ANT+ (hopefully this month) and use ROUVY WORKOUTS app in the meantime. Drop the support desk a message as well for the double-check.
      • frankbhoy77 - 07.06.2020
        Thank you...I have got on to workouts and was able to connect everything except heart rate monitor.....both are garmin products, is there an issue there?
        • yuriy888 - 08.06.2020
          For the HR issue, pls drop a ticket to our help desk to troubleshoot.


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