A year has passed quickly, and Rouvy's new season is here again, starting right now! All Career levels, tasks and prizes have been reset and replaced with new ones. And new Challenges, as well as new great rewards, are waiting for you. Let the great motivational adventure begin!



Our great news started two weeks ago. During September, we released the new Rouvy AR app for Mac and Apple TV, with new features and classic UK cycling locations.  And what’s more? Soon the Rouvy AR app will be equally available on other platforms!

We would like to set up our CAREER to be something truly special for you. We want to keep it as a feature that brings you even more fun and great real-life training experiences! And that's why we have decided to add some fun and surprises, step-by-step on the fly. You may have already noticed that for some Career levels, we have loaded "Coming soon" pictures. These are some of the "things" that we have prepared for you, and we want to unveil them down the road. So for this season, we have begun a little change to publish some "things" gradually to keep you excited during the whole season! So stay tuned!




As you may have noticed, after switching the Career format to a strict annual timeline it works more like a “League.”


  • Your Career Level (or “My Career,” as you are used to seeing in the menu) will be reset every year to zero. Legends are and will be an exclusive club for the devoted ones.
  • All results - up to a date of reset - are counted as those reached in the last/current season.
  • Career resets will never affect any personal and all-time statistics. Your personal results for the 18/19 period are saved in the Season Results section on
  • Former Legends will receive a special badge and/or a highlighted rider model in the augmented mode.
  • Part of the Community web, and rankings will go public (available without login) - coming soon.

Double Point Weekends and Outdoor Scores:

  • The Double Point Weekends will stay, and the schedule is going to be released soon.
  • Anyone is welcome to mix and proceed with the outdoor rides, where applicable.


We are aware that there is a large portion of our users who prefer the races and group rides over the other individual forms of training. For this year, we would like to schedule even more group rides. You will learn more about this soon!




As with the Challenges, the 19/20 annual Career is again full of great prizes! We are grateful to our partners, who will give you a chance to win something valuable at every level as you progress. With prizes, you can get even more motivation to advance your Career. Below you can find an overview of these attractive prizes:

- Saris:  3 random draws every month for neck gaiter and beanies; 1 final draw for H3 direct drive Smart Trainer
- Kinetic:  A draw for 1 heart rate monitor every month
- Elite:  1 draw for an experience day with a Pro team at one of Giro d'Italia’s stages!
TrainingPeaks: A draw for 2 quarterly subscriptions every month; 1 draw for 1 annual TP  subscription
- Wahoo:  2 draws for 2 ELEMNT ROAM GPS BIKE COMPUTERS
- Rouvy:  Rouvy branded package for National Champion Career level + a surprise for our Legends, which be released soon

Last year, Elite became our Career partner for the first time - for the ELITE level - and came up with a fantastic prize:  “An Experience Day at the Giro d'Italia Stage.”
And the result? It was really great!!