YURIY RYASHKO - 18.09.2019

Boom, boom, boom!!! It is time! With humanity accelerating its development in the 21st century, we are bringing you our new app concept with the long-awaited platforms, macOS and AppleTV. Just as expected in the 21st century, it is both super-powerful and super-simple-and-friendly to use. And surely, as you expected, there is a huge update of high quality routes, both AR-enhanced and standard ones.


Teaser 1:

Teaser 2:

New Features - Highlighted Functionality

Here is a quick overview for this release. After watching, you will be ready to go and download. :)


For those who did not go immediately and download, but want to learn more, let’s take a look at the new features and details.




A few words need to be said about the approach. With the design of the new app, our team wanted to get rid of all the annoying issues with the old, past interface, and take into account feedback accumulated over the years from our users, partners and community.  So, the #1 priority for the new app was SIM-PLI-CI-TY - while the basic concept and underlying technology did not change on both Augmented and Virtual Routes - everything is still about the rides at your favorite locations, iconic cycling places or next race.


*This a start screen. In the future, the fourth plate in the middle right part will show up, demonstrating your last activities and results.

From the start screen, you are just 1 Click away from:

  • Starting a ride
  • Choosing a Route
  • Joining a Challenge or Race (Time Trial)
  • Connecting your sensors or trainer unit
  • Accessing main settings

*New Route Gallery View, all interactive

This is what the brand-new app concept aims for and does provide:  the utmost simplicity and immersiveness. A high level of immersiveness is achieved with the improved FULL HD video quality for existing apps and QHD availability in the new app. And the next point is just about that.



The video resolutions of 540p, 720p, 1080p are available now for online streaming, and 1440p (QHD 2560 × 1440 pixels) only for downloaded routes.


The current release ends the public beta period for our augmented reality/routes (AR) as a feature.  The new app enhances Augmented Routes 2.0 - completely auto-smoothed elevation profile with a top-level, realistic immersive feel and much better video quality - 1440p with the super high bitrate -> comparable to 4K. Extended description and details are here.

Streaming 4K is very challenging for both the server side and user’s network infrastructure, but one day it will be there. With the available QHD, we are just one ladder step closer to that goal.



Basically, this feature allows you to simulate any race...Yes, any race from the past or any race still to take place in the future. No more 1-3 rider limitations! Do you want to ride in a crowded peloton? Just click as many times as the number of riders you want to see on that course and...voila!


Any ride and record can be visualized and replayed, based on on the real second-by-second historic ride data. If you don’t like to be compared to others, you can switch to a comparison of yesterday’s you and your own best efforts. Just put your nickname in the search window, and choose only your records from the past. Yep, welcome to the Matrix! You are in a race with a dozen “you’s” all around. Don’t fail that one - your own projections are watching you! ;) No, it is not a fairy tale and you are not a magician, but it works just like that.



Nothing changes. You will see any riders in real-time if they are on the same AR course at the same time as you. To ride together, bring your friends online or find riding partners in the Rouvy Athletes group.   

(Note:  Online Races are not activated in the new app at the moment. They will be later in September, with the approaching start of Season 19/20.)

A little spoiler here:  official group rides for different time zones are planned for the upcoming winter. 



Avatars now have the option to be modified with the possibility of changing their jersey, apparel color and skin color.


Both male and female 3D models were improved. Once you test and check them out, let us know if you like them.



The connection process has been automated to the highest possibility that the hardware allows at the moment.   

With a click on “Connect Trainer,”  the app will scan the available sensors in the vicinity, (without browsing any long unfolding equipment lists) and all you need to do is CLICK to confirm the chosen sensor. Yeah - that is it!



Following our tradition, a part of every big release is new exciting roads to explore.


This time, we ride some UK Classics in Scotland and the UK. Find the full overview of the new released routes in this blog post.



Yes, you read it correctly. No charge for the Mac and Apple TV app while it stays in public beta. Once the public beta period is over (expect at least a couple of months), the app will charge according to our present pricing plans. (Make sure to go over the beta limitations marked at the end of the post.)


DOWNLOAD places: 


Find and download Rouvy AR here for Mac, or Appstore for Apple TV.



We plan to release new features in the next few months for all other platforms (Win, iOS, Android) as well.

With that, keep pedaling and enjoy your rides and training on Mac and Apple TV!

P.S. Read carefully the following limitations


Apple TV’s technology-related, specific limitations:


  • only Bluetooth (for connection of any specific ANT+ device to Apple TV, you can buy an ANT+->BLE adapter)
  • max 2 connected devices
  • if you are a new user, you have to create a Rouvy account via website
    (not possible in Apple TV)


Public Beta App Limitations:


Before contacting our help desk with anything related to the new app for Mac and Apple TV,   please go through the full list of public beta limitations



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  • BixarracusRex - 09.12.2019
    Hello friends
    I have done La Palma Southern Route twice, but it has not counted me to level up in my cycling career. Do I have to be premium on apple tv to be able to level up? Thank you
    • yuriy888 - 10.12.2019
      Hi, no, you don't have to be a premium user. Pls contact our to solve the issue. Our support team is happy to help you.
  • jassi - 06.12.2019
    I‘m not interested in AR, can I use all routes with Apple tv or just AR routes?
    • yuriy888 - 06.12.2019
      Yes, of course, you can use all routes on Apple TV. On the non-AR routes you just won't see any avatars. On AR ones If you are not interested in the live opponents you might be interested in picking your own results as Virtual Partners and riding against yourself.
      • jassi - 06.12.2019
        Thanks! Then Apple tv is the easiest way to use a big screen instead of iPad.
  • BixarracusRex - 18.11.2019
    Hello friends.
    I have a problem with kilojoules and kilocalories. In the activities I do they mark them as kilojoules when in reality they are kilocalories. In Strava they are classified as kilocalories and in Rouvy they are called kilojoules when in reality they are kilocalories. Is this a mistake?
    Thank you very much, and greetings from Spain
    • yuriy888 - 18.11.2019
      Hello friend, this definitely looks like a ticket to for the check as kilojoules ≠ kilocalories. Please send an email to our help desk with the screenshots of activities and evidence of that mismatch. Thanks for reporting.
  • Drew.Wilkins - 15.11.2019
    Thanks for the great enhancements. Is there any chance you could do a quick "spainer" on how to distinguish the following avatars from each other
    - a fictional virtual partner
    - my own previous performance
    - a ghost (not quite sure what that is TBO)
    - a real person who is actually riding the course at the same time I am

    I rode a training ride yesterday and don't know who the other avatar was!
    • yuriy888 - 18.11.2019
      Thanks for the feedback, it is a valid comment.

      Ghosts are the bots (Rouvy branded jerseys and without the FTP overheads) are showing up when you slow down to keep you motivated (their speed is based on your average speed). However, ghosts are not available yet on Mac and Apple TV yet. Coming soon.

      It is true that if you don't remember whom you pick as a virtual partner you will not distinguish them from the real riders. We will give it a thought on how to assign some visual marks.
  • BixarracusRex - 27.10.2019
    When will the beta period end? I just bought an apple tv and I got a disappointment at not being able to run races and challenges. Do you have any specific date on when you will finish the beta period?
  • nitracarex - 27.10.2019
    When will the beta period end? I just bought an apple tv and I got a disappointment at not being able to run races and challenges. Do you have any specific date on when you will finish the beta period?
    • yuriy888 - 29.10.2019
      Hi, the beta period will end during the upcoming winter period. You can join and ride the Challenges or Career on Mac and Apple TV right now with no limitations. Online Races are arriving in the next couple of weeks to Apple TV as well. So, just enjoy Rouvy for free now and ride on. A lot of goodness is coming ;). Stay tuned.



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