Tomáš Mika is an elite Czech triathlete, who recorded part of Kona route for us. He currently specializes in medium and long triathlon tracks (so-called “Ironman”).

Hi Tomáš, Welcome to Rouvy! First, thank you for your time doing this interview! We are very pleased to have you on board. Thank you!

First of all, you were primarily involved in road cycling. Is that right? When did you find yourself becoming dedicated to being a triathlete?
Yes, that's right, but when I was at university, I made up my mind to start with triathlon. I started swimming systematically, and I have always liked running, so triathlon was just a tiny step away. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

Which results stand out as the most memorable for you? Which contemporary successes have you appreciated the most?
I personally value the title of National Champion in the middle distance the most. Also, I’ve had a few top 10 places in the world series of Ironman in the PRO category, such as 6th place in IM Nice, 8th place in IM Mallorca, 9th place in IM Zurich. Thanks to triathlon, I have had a chance to travel half of the world, so I have plenty of memories.

Do you still have goals that you want to achieve in the future?
That's a great question! As I said, I have always liked running, so my biggest goal at the moment is to run a marathon in 2:25. This goal also keeps me motivated for training.